Steps to Start Earning in Euros by Working for Clickworker as a UHRS Judge

Clickworker is an online crowdsourcing platform that employs people all over the world [who are referred to as clickworkers] to work from home or the go as an online judges for different company projects. it operates in over 136 countries including the United States, United Kingdom, Nigeria, India, South Africa, and Ghana with over 3.6 million Clickworkers. Working as a clickworker will enable you to make extra money online.

Clickworker has its own marketplace where you can work on projects like Testing of Apps, Photo Capturing, Video Creation, and Survey. But this article is centered on how to register and qualify for the UHRS marketplace using clickworker as the vendor partner.

The UHRS platform has already been discussed extensively in one of my articles titled Make Money Online in Nigeria By Labelling Data on UHRS Platform you can visit it to know more about the UHRS platform and everything in the marketplace.
So before you can get the UHRS account you must first register with clickworker before registering for the UHRS. Clickworker pays in euros and your payment will be payable after 28 days.

If You are in a hurry or just Prefer Visual guidelines we have provided a video below from our affiliated channel, Guided TV channel

Part 1
Part 2: Linking of Clickworker to UHRS and payment method

For written content, continue reading below.

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How to Register for UHRS via Clickworker


Click on register for clickworker

Fill in all the necessary information. In the company name, fill it with any name that comes to your mind if you do not have your personal business name. Make sure you do not input any existing business name that does not belong to you. Tick all the small boxes and submit.

You will receive an activation mail in the email you provided. Click it to successfully activate your account.

Try to provide the entire necessary document needed to boost your profile for other jobs that will be available. However, once you select your preferred language which is UK English, and save it, you can move straight to the assessment tab for the UHRS

Take the assessment test and be very careful because if you fail to pass the 80% mark you will have to wait for 90 days before you can be allowed to take the test again. The first question is always the most important and if you fail it you cannot go further.

Once you pass the first 23 questions successfully, the 24th question is just to give you and familiarize you with the UHRS platform so all the sub answers are in the question

The 25th question and the final question are to select and activate your preferred live ID which is going to be your UHRS account log-in. To do so, you have to follow some simple

  1. Highlight and copy your preferred Live ID which I will advise you chose the
  2. Click on the sign-up for Microsoft live ID link which is the blue-coated link in the list number below
  3. Click on create one and paste the outlook account you have copied.
  4. Select your password and fill in all they will request from you.
  5. Click on allow to link your outlook account with clickworker
  6. Once you are done with that go back to the clickworker tab and paste your outlook account in the space provided below.
  7. Save it and follow all the instructions
  8. Once you are done with that go back to your dashboard and click on home.
  9. Click on the Log into UHRS here and check out many more available projects!
  1. on the next page, click on Start Now it will lead you to a page that displays Go to UHRS and check out available projects! Scroll down to where you will see your outlook account, copy it, and click on UHRS login-site, it will then take you to the UHRS platform.
  1. on the UHRS interface, Click on sign in and paste your live ID( you might see below the provide live ID tab your name and live ID account is already there, just click it and move on without pasting any other live ID) then your password and log in
UHRS marketplace

Clickworker Payment Method

Taking Nigeria as a case study, The payment method is via Payoneer, and the linking process I s very simple.

  1. On your clikworker dashboard, click on account details.
  2. Click Payoneer to confirm your payment platform
  3. In the tax form, you will see “I am commercial and/or freelance” click on it and save
  4. Next is to link your Payoneer account. If you already have a Payoneer account click already have a Payoneer account and submit your Payoneer account detail which is simply the email address you use to open your Payoneer account. And if you don’t have to click on create Payoneer account.
  5. Once you are done a euro account will be used as your funding source in your Payoneer wallet so you will be receiving payment in euros.

Congratulations now you have successfully created a UHRS account with clickworker and it is now high time to start making extra cash. don’t be confused with the interface, I recommend you to watch our tutorial videos on Guided TV for tips on how to work in the UHRS marketplace.

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