How to Join Quadrant Resource Crowd and Start Earning Money Online [UHRS]

quadrant resource crowd

Welcome to LegitGlance Blog. If you are willing to join the crowd of one of the latest UHRS vendor with a competitively high amount of work (hit apps), then Quadrant Resource is all you need. This post will guide you on how to Join the Quadrant Resource UHRS and create an account.

About Quadrant Resource

Quadrant Resource is a company that provides IT services, products, and solutions to clients across diverse industries globally since 2004. part of the quadrant Resource Services is data labeling which includes image, text, speech audio, and video label. Quadrant Resource recently partnered with UHRS in order to deliver data labeling projects to its crowd. It is believed to have the most hit apps in the UHRS marketplace after clickworker.

working part-time as a UHRS judge can earn you $10 per hour or more. sometimes it may be less depending on the task available and your ability to work. LegitGlance Admin Has made up to $70 in a good as a Judge.

It is recommended that you know what uhrs is all about so that we can proceed together to the registration process of joining the quadrant resources crowd and UHRS account Creation

How to Create UHRS Account Via Quadrant Resource

  1. create a profile

Head over to the quadrant resources crowd portal and click on sign up at the top right-hand corner

Quadrant Resource work from home

fill in the crowd resources registration form by entering your name. email and password then click register

quadrant resource uhrs

Make sure the email you entered is correct and it can be used to contact you. check on your email inbox for confirmation Mail in order to complete your profile creation. the email may be caught by the spam folder so check on your spam folder and click on the mail to verify the confirmation. after you have completed the confirmation then log in to proceed to the next step.

  1. update profile

By now you are on your QR dashboard. Click on profile information at the top left corner and fill in all the necessary information as much as possible such as your education hobby and make sure to add at least one language that you can speak, read and write. make sure the profile bar has reached up to 70% in order for you to proceed to the next step.

quadrant resource uhrs crowd
  1. Sign the NDA agreement

Click on the NDA agreement and entered your first name and last name then sign the agreement.

Once you’re finished updating your profile and signing the nda agreement the next is to take the uhrs assessment in order to link your profile to UHRS

  1. Take UHRS assessment

Click on assessment and click on start Judge. Read the instructions and answer the 15 assessment questions. try as much as possible to pass with at least 80% to proceed to the next step. However, you are eligible to retake the assessment up to 5 times

  1. create a UHRS account and Link to QR

This step is very crucial. here A unique ID will be assigned to you and you will be required to use it to create a account. using the unique ID assigned to you follow the five steps in order to complete this process.

quadrant resource uhrs registration

first of all, copy the assigned outlook ID in red color then Click here to create outlook id or go to in order to create an Outlook account with it.

On the Microsoft Outlook account creation page simply paste the unique ID you just copied and enter a password you want to use for signing in. Once you’re done with that head back to the quadrant resources registration page then scroll down and paste your new Outlook ID and hit send verification code so as to verify the outlook email you just created.

Now go to your outlook inbox to check the verification code. Copy it and paste it into the verification tab below on your registration page then click on validate. At this point, your account is now validated and you can now login to the UHRS.
On your dashboard click on login to UHRS using your unique Live ID. at this point you will be taken to the UHRS marketplace where all tasK are available for you to start judging.


In other to know more and learn about the marketplace, We have also written a separate post regarding the uhrs marketplace interface and how to work

Quadrant Resource Payment

On your dashboard click on Payment details and set it up. quadrant resource pays through PayPal for US judges while for other countries like Nigeria, the payment method is wire transfer or cheque. payment is monthly once you have worked up to a minimum withdrawal amount. All work you did from the beginning of the month to the end will be paid between 15 days of the following month.

Note that payment via wire transfer may incur charges for receiving payment.

Payment Proof

This is our first payment from Quadrant Resource while we first test the service.


Quadrant resource crowd work is a legit work-from-home part-time job. It surely has a high number of UHRS hit apps to work on which can maximize your earnings.

Register and start making money online. You may join LegitGLANCE on Telegram for more tips

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