Make Money Online By Labelling Data on the UHRS Platform

If You are looking for how to start making money online legitimately as part or full time that is free without investment, Data Labelling or search engine evaluation is one of the methods. you can make decent cash from it within a short time just by working part-time. There are a lot of Data labeling platforms worldwide but in this article, Legit Glance talks about one of the legit platforms developed by Microsoft, Called the Universal Human Relevance System [ UHRS]. It is most trusted and has been operating for years.

UHRS Interface

After reading this post, you should be able to proceed to register with a uhrs vendor partner and start making money online in Nigeria or from your own country as well.

Before I lead you to the details about making money with uhrs, below are images of some of the payments already received by Legit Glass Admin from various uhrs vendor partners

Payment Proof

from to LegitGlance

Now let’s go through the details

From Oneforma to LegitGLANCE

How UHRS Works

UHRS is simply a crowdsourcing platform by Microsoft which is used for labeling data by millions of workers worldwide. The workers are known as Judges which are recruited by some online crowdsourcing vendors like Appen, Telus, Clickworker, Teemwork, OnForma, Quadrant Resource, Datamime, and a host of other international vendors.

The job of the vendor partners is simply to recruit, process, and make payments to judges (crowdsourcing workers). A UHRS Judge is [ you or me ] who is simply working from the comfort of their homes and at their own scheduled time via the use of smartphones or computer system

Payments are done via an online wallet like Payoneer or PayPal and by direct bank transfer depending on the vendor you are working for. The payment currency also depends on the vendors’ location which will be either in dollars, pounds, or euros. Your monthly payment solely depends on your ability to work and the available Hitapps. The Hit Apps are the task you label on the uhrs marketplace.

Please note that this is not an investment platform so you are not required to pay anything or refer anyone before being employed. All that is needed is your intelligence, time, and patience.

List of UHRS Vendor Partners

  1. Clickworker
  2. Appen
  3. One Forma
  4. Telus Internationale (Lion Bridge)
  5. Quadrant Resource
  6. Teemwork
  7. Datamime
  8. Toloka

Note: At the time of writing this post all the above-listed vendors support UHRS registration in Nigeria except Appen and Teemwork. But that may not be the case if you’re in the US, UK, South Africa, Ghana, or any other country. To register with any vendor just click on its name from the list.

It is also important to note that the account creation process varies amongst the vendor partners which is due to their mode of operation and or website interface. for that reason, we have to write separate posts about UHRS registration tailored to each vendor listed. You can access that toward the end of the article.

Step To Join and Start Working as UHRS Judge to Make Money Online

  1. Have a PC/Laptop or Smartphone With an Internet Connection
  2. Register an account with a UHRS Vendor Partner and write a language test their
  3. On The Vendors Website, Apply for the UHRS Micro Judging Tasks
  4. Wait to get Approval ( it can take up to 1 week or more Sometimes)
  5. Using the Login created by your vendor, Log on to the UHRS portal via
  6. Click on Marketplace to tart Work.

Note: You may need guidelines on how to go about labeling the tasks to earn money. For that, you can watch our video tutorial about various hit apps on our affiliated youtube channel here

Due to the sensitivity, complexity, and technicalities involved in the registration and activation of the account, it will be very wrong to write them all in one piece.

For the purpose of referencing for future articles on the subject matter, I will quickly give an overview of the UHRS interphase. This is important and is a key to the ability to start making money as quickly as possible.

Getting Familiar With The UHRS User Interface

1. UHRS marketplace

This is the interphase where all the Hitapps are displayed. The Hitapp are grouped into six categories which are the Search relevance, Text annotation, Image annotation, Speech transaction, and others. However, for easy access to all categories, a single tap “All” is available which has all the Hitapps in one place.

Other tabs on the marketplace are as follows:

  • The “New” tab which shows the Hitapps that are new in the marketplace.
  • The “Recently worked” tab which indicates the total number of recent Hitapp that you have worked on or are working on.
  • The “Bookmarked” tab helps you see the total number of hit apps that you have qualified for and is available at that particular time. But this is not automatic as you have to do the bookmarking yourself by clicking on the bookmark icon on the hit app that you just qualified for.
  • Bookmark icon
  • The “Hidden” tab allows you to hide some hitapp that you don’t like and don’t want to be seeing it in the main marketplace. This is done by clicking on the hidden icon on the particular hitapp that you want to hide.
  • Hide icon.
  • The “Blocked* tab is the place where all the apps that you have either been disabled temporarily or permanently or you have failed to qualify after exhausting all your qualification chances.


This is where you see all the analysis of work done. It shows the total number of hit apps that you have worked on, the total number of hits you have done, the total time spent, and your total earnings either for the day, current week, month, year, or overall. You can also see your spam accuracy which I personally think is the most important so as to show you your performance level on each individual hit app.

Note: There is an important tab in the report which is the “download report” that allows you to download your invoice in case of any payment discrepancy.

There are also two very important icons on every hit app which are: The preview icon allows you to see if there is any available hit for practice. And the guidelines icon which allows you to download the hit app manual.

How To Apply For UHRS and Start Making Money Online in Nigeria

The application process for UHRS differs between vendor partners, we have written a separate post to address the detailed guidelines for each vendor the list below takes you to it.

  1. How to Register for UHRS on Clickworker
  2. Appen
  3. One Forma
  4. Telus Internationale (Lion Bridge)
  5. how to join UHRS via Quadrant Resource
  6. How to apply for UHRS via
  7. Toluka


Working as a UHRS judge can earn your extra cash. if you are focused on it you can be making up to $700 monthly just like the senior judges

Kindly share this information with your friends and join our TELEGRAM GROUP for TIPS on how to work on hit Apps

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