Npower Batch C Stream 2 Physical Verification Guide and FAQ

Congratulations If you have been successfully selected to proceed with the Npower Batch C Stream 2 physical verification exercise. In this post, I have compiled some valuable tips, guides, and FAQs with regard to the process of verification.

Npower Batch C stream 2 Physical Verification

If you have previously been shortlisted and verified your fingerprint, the next is physical verification. Npower management announced through their social media pages that batch C2 physical verification commences on Tuesday, 14th to 25th of July 2022, and all selected applicant should confirm their venue through their self-service portal.

According to Npower on their social media pages,

Kindly log into your self-servic portal on to check if you have been selected, also to confirm the venue for your physical verification which is stipulated to commence from 14th – 25th of June, 2022.

You can use the Ussd code *45665# to confirm the venue for your physical verification.

You are expected to come with the following requirements:

  1. Your N-Power identification number
  2. Valid means of identification
  3. Academic credentials.

N-Power identification number: To check your Npower ID, login to your dashboard, and on the Overview or Profile TAB, copy down the number that looks like NPWR/2020/000000000. That is your Npower ID.

Npower ID number

Valid Means of Identification: This is Your NIMC slip/card, Voter’s Card, or Passport. Go to the venue with all to be on the safe side.

Academic Credentials: These are the documents you uploaded to your dashboard. If you register as a graduate, go with your certificate, NYSC certificate

A verified Npower batch C2 beneficiary confirms this on the Npower Facebook comment section as seen in the image below.

npower batch c2 physical verification

once you are done with the verification go back to your self-service portal dashboard to confirm its status and wait for deployment.

Before I take you through some FAQs, below is the latest news about Npower physical verification for Batch C2.

Batch C Npower Latest News

  1. Npower extends Batch C2 Physical Verification exercise by 3 days. New closing date is now 29th June 2022
  2. Batch C Stream 1 Beneficiary Can Also Join The Batch C2 for Physical Verification: If Due to some difficulties and technical you were unable to do your physical verification last year, log in to your dashboard to see the venue for your physical verification and join the C2 to do it.

This is to inform the batch C1 beneficiaries that were unable to do physical verification last year due to some challenges to kindly join the batch C2 beneficiaries for their Physical Verification slated to commence from 14th-25th June. Npower Announced.

Npower Facebook Page
  1. Physical Verification is Only for the Graduate Volunteers as the Non-Graduate trainees will be verified at their respective training venues and camps.
  2. All beneficiaries that wish to be deployed to a different state should kindly send an email to

Npower Batch FAQs

find answer to frequently asked question below.

1.How to Know if I Have Been Shortlisted for Batch C

On the verification tab on your nasims dasboard, you will be provided with the option of Fingerprint Capturing

2. How to check if I have been selected for the Batch C2 Physical Verification.

  1. Goto the Npower service portal and log in.
  2. On your profile dashboard, click on the verification tab and scroll down to see the venue for your verification.

your venue is mostly in the state you choose during your registration. However, you can redeploy to another state for your posting

3. The venue of my physical verification does not show

for this issue you have to check back later as the beneficiaries’ profile update is still ongoing. However, you can simply send your Npower ID to Npower Twitter handle @npower_ng for confirmation

4. How can I know my training camp as a non-graduate beneficiary

Your training camp will be displayed on your dashboard and a text message will be sent to you.

 5.I was posted to a physical verification venue that is not within my local government area of residence

Send your Npower ID to Npower on Twitter @npower_ng for check-up and relocation

6. After dialing the USSD code *45665# I cannot find my physical verification venue

Login to your nasims dashboard to check that alternatively. you may please check if you are under the graduate category or non-graduate category, all Npower applicants under the non-graduate category will carry out their physical verification at their training venues

Note: The answers are compiled from the response on Npower Facebook Page. You can add more questions in the comment box below.

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